Frequently asked Questions

What does Ecos Energy Ltd generate profit?

About company
Ecos Energy Ltd is engaged in the extraction, processing and sale of clean energy. Among the most famous developments are biofuels, smart grids, and solar cell farms. You can learn more about the work of the company on the page «About company».

Ecos Energy Ltd company officially registered?

About company
Ecos Energy Ltd is officially registered. Registration number: 12375367. You can find detailed information in official website of United Kingdom Companies House.

How to invest in Ecos Energy Ltd company?

About company
First step is registration process on the company's website. Fill in all necessary information: name, username, password and follow the further instructions.

Are there any restrictions when registering a new user?

Personal account
When registering a new account, each participant agrees to the terms of the «Rules and Agreements» section, in turn confirming that he is a person who has reached the age of 18.

I have lost access to my account, what should I do?

Personal account
Follow the link Forgot your password? and follow the simple password recovery procedure.

Do I have the right to create another account on the company's website?

Personal account
Registration of multiple accounts is prohibited by the rules of the agreement. Unintentional registration of an additional account from your ip-address or browser can lead to undesirable consequences.

Can I change my email address or password?

Personal account
All account changes are available in the profile settings. You can change your e-mail and password.

What payment systems does work with Ecos Energy Ltd?

We cooperate with payment systems: PerfectMoney and Payeer.

What are limits on investment amounts?

The minimum and maximum deposit sizes depend on the investment plan you have chosen. The minimum deposit amount is 10 USD for the first plan, and the maximum is 250,000 USD .

Can I create multiple deposits?

Yes, we provide an opportunity to have an unlimited number of deposits.

How is the profit received?

Our service guarantees automatic accrual of profit to your account balance within specified time frame (daily).

What conditions can I withdraw funds from my account balance?

You can withdraw funds from your account balance at any time without commissions from our side (there may be a commission from the payment system).

What are withdrawal restrictions?

The minimum withdrawal transaction amount is 0.1 USD.

How long does it take to withdraw funds from account balance?

Withdrawals are made manually. Payment processing takes from 24 to 48 hours from date of application.

How to become a member of the affiliate program?

For partners
To receive an affiliate reward, copy and provide your referral link to a friend or partner.

Where is referral link?

For partners
Referral link can be found in your personal account.

Do you have any questions?

If you could not get an answer to your question, contact the support service in any available way.

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