Bounty Program

Bounty program - is an opportunity to receive a free deposit or financial reward for actions that are aimed at popularizing our project.

Video bonuses width YouTube platformEcos Energy Ltd для youtube

Each registered user of our company can receive a cash reward or a deposit in the project for creation of video content. Record a video review, instructions for depositing or withdrawing funds, feedback on cooperation or payment of funds and post it on your YouTube channel. For each video that meets our requirements, you will receive up to 5 US dollars to your PerfectMoney, Payeer account or deposit of 10 US dollars or more.

Conditions for receiving a bonus:

- Have an account in;

- Duration of video must be at least 1 minute;

- Your YouTube channel was created at least 10 days ago;

- Your channel have from 10 followers;

- Video is open access in YouTube;

- The video review is available for viewing for at least 3 days.

Required! In the title of video must contain next words “” or "Ecos Energy Ltd", as your referral link in the video description. The number of videos taken and posted is not limited, but one user can receive a bonus for new videos no more than once every 7 days.

Have video uploaded to YouTube?

If you have successfully fulfilled the above listed requirements and want to receive your bonus, you must submit a report via the feedback form. In this case, select the category "Bonuses" and provide a link to the posted video.

Video completed
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